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Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic

Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials by William N. Findley, Kasif Onaran, Frances A. Davis

Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials

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Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials William N. Findley, Kasif Onaran, Frances A. Davis ebook
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 9780486660165
Page: 400
Format: pdf

Morrison (2001), Understanding Rheology, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-514166-0 and 978-0195141665. Plastics are viscoelastic materials. Professor Feng Yuanzhen made of nonlinear viscoelastic materials, the quasi-linear theory. For analysis of experimental data has progressed substantially. With spherical indenters the use of linearly viscoelastic models for characterization of a material creep or relaxation function is straightforward. I find that much more work is published on the nonlinear elasticity aspects of soft materials and potentially important time effects get missed; especially in impact loading the time element is a critical consideration. A recursive-iterative formulation is implemented for the hereditary integral of the material. Viscoelasticity is defined as the tendency of plastics to respond to stress as if they were are combination of elastic solids and viscous fluids. Orange relaxation curve in Figure 5 (6) This model can explain the complicated relaxation. Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering Theory of viscoelasticity - Richard M. Failures arising from hasty material selection are not uncommon in plastics. I am working on EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to identify its viscoelastic properties I have done relaxation, creep and tensile test on it. This property possessed by all plastics It is this non-linear relationship for plastics that makes an understanding of creep, stress relaxation, and fatigue properties extremely important. The plate is made of nonlinear viscoelastic orthotropic material expressed by the Schapery single integral model. R m christensen - AbeBooks - AbeBooks Official Site - New & Used.

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