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The Law of Superheroes ebook download

The Law of Superheroes. James Daily, Ryan Davidson

The Law of Superheroes

ISBN: 9781592407262 | 320 pages | 8 Mb

Download The Law of Superheroes

The Law of Superheroes James Daily, Ryan Davidson
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

Obviously police officers are no match against even someone like Doc Ock. Could the Joker really use the insanity plea? In America, it is said that no one is above the law. Law as it pertains to superheroes, supervillains and other comic denizens. View on AmazonJames Daily, J.D. Superheroes are basically setting themselves above the law with their vigilante acts. Would the law apply to them in the same way as it does to us mere mortals? James Daily and Ryan Davidson intend to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that every subject, even one as dry and forbidding as the law, is more fun when you add superheroes. From the description of The Law of Superheroes: Could Superman sue if someone exposed his identity as Clark Kent? Corrected: Long have comic book fans debated the minutiae of the genre. Yet The Law And Superheroes does suggest that a greater interest in legal matters could inspire stories which were both more compelling and less morally questionable than is sometimes the case. I'm a huge advocate of using stories and story worlds to teach other things. But suppose superheroes and supervillains lived among us, like in the world of comic books. Are the co-authors of The Law of Superheroes (Gotham Books 2012). Could Superman get arrested for violating privacy laws with his X-ray vision? From the authors of the fantastic blog Law and the Multiverse, these guys – as lawyers and comic book fans – speculate on how the law really would mix with superheroes.

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